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What Is Digital Noise Reduction In Hearing Aids?

If you have hearing loss, you know how difficult it can be to navigate loud, noisy environments. Even with the use of hearing aids, too much background noise can make it harder to have a conversation.

Thankfully, digital noise reduction (DNR) technology can help provide hearing aid users with a better listening experience.

What Does Digital Noise Reduction Do?

Young man with a hearing aid socializing in a group of people.

All hearing aids amplify sounds. That’s what we want them to do! However, amplifying all sounds equally can be an issue in louder environments. Think about when you’re out for dinner with your spouse or friends at The White Linen or other Topeka hotspots. You want to be able to focus on what your dining companions are saying and not have their voices compete with dishes clanking, other patrons talking or live music playing in the background.

This is where digital noise reduction technology comes in handy! It automatically reduces background noise while amplifying speech at the same time.

Sound waves created by speech are at a different frequency than sound waves from other sounds. Hearing aids with DNR can distinguish between sound waves created by speech versus other sounds.

Do Hearing Aids With DNR Eliminate Background Noise Entirely?

No. It’s not possible for any hearing aid to completely eliminate all background noises.

However, DNR technology is extremely effective when it comes to eliminating background noise that stays at a constant level, such as a steady whir from a fan or air conditioner. More dynamic sounds, such as music, may not be blocked out quite to the same level. However, hearing aids with digital noise reduction should still be able to minimize those sounds well enough to make speech easier to hear.

Hearing Aid Users Value Digital Noise Reduction Technology

Multiple studies have shown that hearing aid users find digital noise reduction technology to be an excellent and valuable tool that makes listening easier in loud environments.

Hearing loss can make it difficult to connect with others on a daily basis. It can lead to more frequent misunderstandings and strain relationships, making those with hearing issues feel frustrated and alone.

By using hearing aids with DNR technology, everything from family barbeques to work meetings to special events like weddings and birthdays become less stressful and more enjoyable.

If hearing loss is causing you to miss out on what’s most important, don’t delay in scheduling a hearing test and learning more about what treatment options are right for you.

Call the experts at Topeka Ear Nose & Throat and schedule an appointment today.


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