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Unitron Hearing Aids

Founded in 1956, Denmark-based Widex created the world’s first digital in-the-ear hearing aid and remains at the forefront of technology with breakthroughs in wireless connectivity.

Widex Hearing Aids Superior Design

Superior Design

Widex hearing aids go beyond sounding spectacular; they look spectacular, too. They are designed to combine technology with functionality and aesthetics. Every Widex hearing aid is crafted to work, perform and sound as close to perfect as possible.

Live in The Moment

The Widex Moment™ Sheer sRIC R D gives the best, most beneficial hearing experience to those who experience minimal to profound hearing loss. With Sheer sRIC R D, you get a new look through distinct new mic openings on your device, reliable rechargeable functionality and complete connectivity with Bluetooth®, iOS and Android devices.

You can also use the Widex Moment smartphone app to control your hearing devices with ease, which allows you to fine-tune your hearing experience for maximum comfort.


Widex UNIQUE™ adapts to your environment to make each listening experience better than the last. Whether you deal with brisk winds outside or background conversations indoors, UNIQUE identifies specific sound situations to give you the clearest, most optimal sound in any environment. With UNIQUE, you can also stream calls, music and podcasts directly to your hearing device.

Rechargeable Technology

Widex MOMENT™ is the best sounding rechargeable hearing aid on the market. It has the lowest power consumption of any similar device, which helps it deliver high-quality sound for a full day without fear of running out of power.

In addition, the BEYOND Z is designed to provide you with comfortable and natural sound and optimized speech understanding in any listening environment.

Widex Hearing Aids Unique Fit
Widex Hearing Aids Solid Foundation

Solid Foundation

Widex MySound™ 2.0 is the most powerful and easy-to-use AI-assisted personalization on the market. Paired with Widex Moment Sheer, MySound 2.0 allows you to securely share hearing device data with your audiologist, which helps them better understand what you want to hear and how different listening environments affect your hearing.

Intelligent Hearing

The EVOKE RIC 10 is here to help you hear the best sound possible in each environment, in addition to seamless volume control for your favorite personal devices. EVOKE provides a new level of personalization to help you hear in the moment by automatically making adjustments suited to your needs and your environment.

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