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Questions To Ask Your Audiologist Before Choosing a Pair of Hearing Aids

A doctor fits female patient with hearing aid

According to a 2022 article published in the National Library of Medicine, “The degree of subjective and objective loss and patient choice are taken into account when deciding on a hearing aid.” But there are other considerations that go into the hearing aid selection process, as well. We review some questions to ask your audiologist to help guide the hearing aid selection process below.

What Will My Hearing Aid Look Like?

For some people, the aesthetic of the hearing aid is one of the most important factors. While some people wish for them to be tiny and blend in, others want them to be bold and stand out while participating in fitness classes at the Hillcrest Community Center. Although tinier hearing aids are not suitable for more severe degrees of hearing loss, your audiologist will do their best to ensure you’re happy with how your hearing aid looks.

Will I Need One Hearing Aid or Two?

Only one hearing aid may be needed if your hearing loss is unilateral (single-sided), but if you have a hearing loss in both ears that is at least mild, you’ll probably need two hearing aids. This will help you localize sounds better and will also help your brain process sounds more naturally.

Can I Get Rechargeable Hearing Aids?

While hearing aids that take disposable button batteries are the most common option, rechargeable models are becoming increasingly popular. These hearing aids dock on a charger overnight to provide you with a full day of hearing. The lithium-ion batteries are built to last as long as your hearing aids, unlike disposable batteries, which need to be changed every few days.

What Features Are Offered?

If you’re new to hearing aids, you may have no idea what amazing features you can invest in. Some features that are offered by more advanced hearing aids include Bluetooth® connectivity, background noise reduction, directional microphones, remote controls, geotagging, machine learning and more!

For more information about these amazing hearing aid features or to schedule an appointment with a hearing aid expert, call Topeka Ear Nose & Throat today.


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