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Hearing Aid Repair & Service

Have You Noticed Your Hearing Aids Not Working As Well As They Used To?

Your hearing aids amplify your everyday experiences and connect you with the world, and that connection can fray when they present problems.  Feedback, sound quality issues and poor fit are just some of the issues that can lead to frustration.

Hearing aids help you communicate with loved ones, experience music and nature to their fullest and help prevent cognitive decline. So instead of taking a step back when they don’t function at their best, set an appointment with your audiologist to get your hearing aids checked—they may just need a simple fix.

hearing aid repair

Service Your Hearing Aid and Protect Your Health

Hearing well doesn’t just impact comprehension – it benefits your overall health. Is damage keeping you from enjoying all the benefits your hearing aids provide?


When hearing aids are delivering peak performance, they can:

⦿ Help treat depression related to hearing loss

⦿ Slow cognitive decline in individuals with hearing aids

⦿ Lower the risk of falls and other accidents

⦿ Improve concentration and memory

⦿ Renew confidence and maintain independence


Depending on the extent or frequency of the damage to your hearing aids, as well as their age, it may be worth investing in an upgrade. Recent advances mean today’s digital devices are more powerful and enhanced with features for improved sound quality and connectivity than devices from just several years ago.

Your Hearing Care Service Center

If you’re having issues with your hearing aids, we encourage you to see us as soon as you can. Getting an issue checked early can prevent it from growing worse, saving you time and effort. We may need to assess your device in office, but some newer hearing aids can be remotely diagnosed.

Our specialists can help you review your options for the next step whether that’s an in-office repair, manufacturer-assisted repair, or a new hearing device.

Don’t wait any longer to hear more clearly. Your world is full of sounds, and we want to help you hear them all.

Call Topeka Ear Nose & Throat at (785) 233-0500 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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