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Tips for Connecting Your Hearing Aids With Bluetooth®-Capable Technology

Approximately 15% of U.S. adults report some trouble hearing. With its prevalence, finding ways to make accommodations for hearing loss can significantly improve your daily life. One way to help create ease is to learn how to connect your hearing aids with other technology.

If your hearing aids are Bluetooth®-capable, you can connect your phone, laptop, smart TV and more. Let’s look at some tips and tricks for connecting to each device.

Connecting To Your Phone or Computer

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Connecting to your phone or computer via Bluetooth will allow you to stream audio directly into your hearing aids. While it is standard for new computers and phones to be equipped with Bluetooth, it is always best to check their capability prior to purchasing. This will help you avoid situations where you are unable to connect your devices. Once you have established that your devices can be connected, pairing them to your hearing aids should follow two simple steps:

  1. Set both devices to pair. On your computer or phone, go into the settings and click Bluetooth. You can search for Bluetooth in your device if it isn’t one of the first options in settings. Once you locate Bluetooth, turn it on. Next, restart your hearing aids and place them next to the computer or phone. Restarting your hearing aids should enable Bluetooth.

  2. Select your hearing aids. Look for your hearing aids on the list of devices under Bluetooth in your phone or computer. Click your hearing aids and select “pair” or “connect.” Your hearing aids should now be connected to your device.

With your hearing aids connected to your personal devices, you can stream videos, music and more directly into them while sipping a latte at CoffeeHead.

Connecting With Your Smart TV

Connecting to your smart TV can be a little trickier than to a phone or computer. While most phones and computers are designed with Bluetooth capabilities and accessibility features meant for hearing aids, smart TVs are less commonly equipped. If you wish to be able to connect your hearing aids to your smart TV, always double-check that the TV is Bluetooth-capable and able to be paired with hearing aids.

Once you have established that your devices can be paired, connect them following similar steps to computers and phones:

  1. Restart hearing aids to trigger Bluetooth.

  2. Find Bluetooth in TV settings.

  3. Select hearing aids to connect.

Once you have connected your personal devices to your hearing aids, you can feel happy knowing that you’re using the full range of benefits the small but powerful devices offer.

To discuss treatment with one of our hearing specialists, contact Topeka Ear Nose & Throat today.


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