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Common Hearing Aid Fears

Hearing loss is an extremely common condition. In fact, an estimated 48 million Americans experiences it. Despite this, only about one in five actually seeks treatment. Below are some of the most common hearing aid fears and why they shouldn’t stop you from getting help for your hearing loss.

“Hearing Aids Will Make Me Look Old.”

This is a common sentiment among people resisting treatment for hearing loss. However, untreated hearing loss is far more noticeable than a hearing aid, especially when you must ask people to repeat themselves frequently, turn up the volume on the TV to a level others find uncomfortable or respond inappropriately when you mishear the conversation.

In addition, today’s hearing aids are smaller, sleeker and more discreet than ever. They are available in a variety of styles and colors to match your aesthetic preferences.

“I Can’t Afford Hearing Aids.”

It’s true that hearing aids are often not covered by insurance companies. However, you should not let cost be a barrier to treating a medical condition that affects your daily life. Hearing aids can be affordable with the help of leasing programs, payment plans, CareCredit, VA benefits, vocational rehabilitation or social service organizations.

“I’m Afraid I’ll Lose a Hearing Aid.”

If you are prone to losing your keys, glasses or the remote, you may worry about misplacing your hearing aid, too. However, when used correctly, hearing aids are worn all day and only removed at bedtime. This means rather than being an object to keep track of, they are simply one step in your daily routine. For peace of mind, you can always talk to your property insurance agent to make sure they’re covered.

“I’m Afraid Hearing Aids Won’t Help Me.”

Maybe you’ve heard from a friend or neighbor that hearing aids don’t work well and aren’t worth the investment. It’s important to keep in mind that putting on hearing aids isn’t the same as putting on eyeglasses. If you’ve had hearing loss for a long time, your brain will need time to re-learn to receive a lot of auditory input and filter out ambient noises. You’ll also need to work with an audiologist to get the programming just right.

If someone told you their hearing aids didn’t work, it’s likely they did not commit to the rehabilitation process, wore outdated devices or had a profound hearing loss. The devices of even ten years ago were far from today’s state-of-the-art technology.

For more information about hearing loss treatment or to schedule an appointment with an audiologist, call Topeka ENT today.

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