How To Navigate Different Listening Environments With Hearing Aids

Young man with a hearing aid exploring a busy city.

If you have hearing aids, you want to ensure they can help you hear in all listening environments. After all, throughout the day, you are exposed to varying degrees of sound, from enjoying a quiet breakfast at home to dinner with friends at a busy restaurant like Fedeli’s Steak & Pasta. Let’s examine how hearing
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How Often Should You Get a New Audiogram?

Woman receiving a hearing test.

When you get a hearing test, your results are plotted on a graph known as an audiogram. Audiograms are an effective tool for quantifying the degree of hearing loss and the type of hearing loss you have. However, just like how you need to get your eyes rechecked every few years if you wear prescription
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I Don’t Like My Hearing Aids. What Should I Do?

Despondent older man looking out the window of his home.

Hearing aids are an important investment in your health and wellbeing. People who treat their hearing loss with hearing aids regularly report happiness with their device and an increase in overall quality of life. However, that doesn’t mean that hearing aids come without growing pains. If you are new to hearing aids, it might be
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What Can I Expect from My Hearing Aids?

Adult woman with a hearing impairment uses a hearing aid to communicate with her female friend at city park. Hearing solutions

Many people mistakenly believe that putting in a set of hearing aids restores hearing the way eyeglasses immediately provide 20/20 vision. According to one study, “Hearing aids restore sensitivity, but fail to restore normal perception.” This is because, when you have untreated hearing loss for many years, your brain undergoes neuroplastic changes; this means it
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Hearing Aids Can Help You Navigate Noisy Environments

Waiter serving a table at a busy restaurant.

Hearing loss often comes on gradually, and the signs can be subtle at first. One of the more common signs is struggling to hear in noisy environments. Three Reasons You Have a Hard Time Hearing in Noisy Places While even people with normal hearing can struggle to make out what’s being said in louder places,
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Five Tips for Dining Out with Hearing Loss

Group of people out dining at a busy restaurant.

It can be hard to fully enjoy dinner with your family at Cook’s American Grill if you’re struggling to hear what they are saying. Unfortunately, restaurants can a difficult environment for people with hearing loss. The good news is that there are ways to help yourself hear better and enjoy your dining experience. Why Dining
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What Is High-frequency Hearing Loss?

Woman receiving a hearing test.

If you struggle hearing your grandchildren speak or are missing the sounds of birds chirping at Lake Shawnee Trail, you may have high-frequency hearing loss. High-frequency hearing loss is when you struggle to hear higher-pitched sounds. It’s one of the earlier signs of sensorineural hearing loss, and it can cause you to miss out on
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Stay Active While Using Hearing Aids

Close up of a woman running.

Staying active is an important part of maintaining good health. If you have hearing loss, you want to make sure your hearing aids continue to function as you work up a sweat during your fitness class at Hillcrest Community Center. Sweat Resistance Important to Hearing Aid Consumers A 2012 study looked at what attributes hearing
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Tips for Flying with Hearing Loss

Airplane cabin full of passengers.

Before you board your flight out of Manhattan Regional Airport, it’s important to know how to travel when you have hearing loss. Hearing Loss Checklist Before You Leave Don’t forget your hearing aids. If you use hearing aids or use other listening devices, do not forget to bring them on your trip. Also remember any
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