How to Clean the Parts of Your Hearing Aid

Man gets a hearing test

Hearing aids are an important investment in your hearing health, and they connect you to the world around you. In order to ensure you receive the maximum benefit from your devices, it’s important to take good care of them. Below we review how to properly clean each part of your hearing aid. Types of Hearing
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Caring for Your Hearing Aids

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Congratulations on getting your first set of hearing aids! No doubt it’s been a long process between getting your hearing tested, selecting the device that will give you the most benefit and tweaking the programming until it’s just right. In order to have the best possible experience with your hearing aids, it’s important to care
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Should You Wear Your Hearing Aids All the Time?

Woman and audiologist having a conversation.

In the age of COVID-19, many of us are spending most of our days in our homes. This has many of our patients asking whether it’s really necessary to wear their hearing aids every day, since they aren’t really out socializing. The short answer? Yes. We review why below. Left Untreated, Hearing Loss Causes Auditory
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How to Care for Your Hearing Aids

A man with a hearing aid looks at his phone.

Your hearing aids represent a significant investment, both financially and in terms of time spent with your audiologist to get the fit and programming just right. In addition, they connect you to the world around you. Because of this, you’ll want to do everything you can to ensure they last as long as possible. We
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How to Fix Common Hearing Aid Problems

Man with hearing aid wears a mask outside.

The last thing you want is for your hearing aids to stop working while you’re out with friends at Blind Tiger or checking out at the Topeka Natural Food Co Op, but sometimes it happens. Below we review how to fix common hearing aid problems so you don’t have to worry about being left in
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How Are Hearing Aids Fitted?

Woman gets an ear exam.

There are many styles, shapes, sizes, brands and colors of hearing aids, and finding the perfect fit may seem overwhelming. Unfortunately, you can’t try on hearing aids like you can jeans at West Ridge Mall. However, your audiologist will work with you during every step of the fitting process to ensure you end up with
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Top 3 Causes of Hearing Aid Damage

Couple relaxing at home, man wearing hearing aid.

Between getting a hearing test, making a hearing aid selection, getting impressions of your ears and tweaking the programming until it’s just right, you’ve invested a lot in your hearing aids. The last thing you want is for them to become damaged, which unfortunately is all too easy. Hearing aids contain state-of-the-art technology that needs
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What to Do When Your Hearing Aids Don’t Work

Woman gets a hearing test.

Hearing aids are built to last, but that doesn’t mean they won’t encounter issues from time to time. Like any other piece of technology, hearing aids can malfunction if not properly cared for. While the last thing you want is for your essential communication tools to quit working on you when you’re in the middle
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What Type of Hearing Aid Is Right for You?

Doctor Fitting Female Patient With Hearing Aid

If your audiologist has suggested that you would benefit from hearing aids, you may have already begun the research process. If so, you may have found the amount of information on the different manufacturers, styles and features to be overwhelming. While your audiologist is here to work with you through every step of the selection
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Hearing Aid Troubleshooting Tips

Confused man looks at a computer screen.

Your hearing aids represent a significant investment in both time and money, so when they don’t seem to be working properly, it’s easy to begin to panic. But in many cases, there’s a quick-fix that will get them back in working order in no time, especially if they haven’t been exposed to moisture or dropped
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