Stay Active While Using Hearing Aids

Close up of a woman running.

Staying active is an important part of maintaining good health. If you have hearing loss, you want to make sure your hearing aids continue to function as you work up a sweat during your fitness class at Hillcrest Community Center. Sweat Resistance Important to Hearing Aid Consumers A 2012 study looked at what attributes hearing
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Tips for Flying with Hearing Loss

Airplane cabin full of passengers.

Before you board your flight out of Manhattan Regional Airport, it’s important to know how to travel when you have hearing loss. Hearing Loss Checklist Before You Leave Don’t forget your hearing aids. If you use hearing aids or use other listening devices, do not forget to bring them on your trip. Also remember any
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What to Do if Your Hearing Aids Aren’t Loud Enough

Young Adult Woman with Hearing Aid watching television

Hearing loss is common, affecting approximately 48 million people across the nation. Many people with hearing loss rely on hearing aids to communicate. These devices come in a variety of colors, sizes and styles, but despite looking different, they all have the same job: amplifying sounds to a level your ears can hear. But what
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What Are Common Treatments for Pediatric Hearing Loss?

Image of a doctor checking on a little boy's ear

According to one of the CDC’s National Health Interview Surveys, approximately five of every 1,000 children ages three to 17 years of age have hearing loss. If you suspect your child is among this population, you may be wondering what the treatment options are. We review some of the most common ones below. Medical Care
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Is a Hearing Aid Dome Right for You?

A woman hugging a man who wears hearing aids.

Hearing aid domes are small bell- or mushroom-shaped silicone pieces that attach to the hearing aid tubing and are worn deep in the ear canal. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit each person’s unique ear canal. Another name for a hearing aid dome is a tip. What Do Hearing Aid
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How to Help Your Child Keep Their Hearing Aids On

Girl with her mother during a hearing aid fitting.

When your child first gets hearing aids it may be quite a struggle to get them to keep them on. However, studies have shown that consistent hearing aid use has many benefits for children, including improved vocabulary and grammar skills. Let’s examine some helpful tips to get your child more comfortable with wearing their device
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How to Feel Confident When Wearing Hearing Aids

Confident looking older woman.

Hearing aids allow you to stay connected to the world around you and experience the sounds you want to hear. In order to get the most from your device, it’s important to be aware of some of the challenges new users face so that you can feel confident when wearing them. Make Sure Hearing Aids
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The Basics of Unilateral Hearing Loss

Close up of a woman's ear.

Most hearing loss occurs in both ears and is referred to as binaural hearing loss. However, others experience unilateral hearing loss, which means only one ear is affected. This condition can pose its own challenges and sometimes requires different treatment methods as well. What Causes Hearing Loss in One Ear? Unilateral hearing loss can occur
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