Communication Strategies for People With Hearing Aids

Two older female friends enjoying a conversation inside.

We’ve all heard the phrase “communication is key.” When it comes to hearing aids, employing the right communication strategies can help improve user experience and make it easier to connect with others. Know the Limits of Your Hearing Aids Hearing aids are tremendously helpful to those with hearing loss. They can help you engage in
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Try These Activities To Get Used to Your Hearing Aids

Woman with hearing aids chats with her friend at home.

Hearing aids are a wonderful investment in overall health and well-being. However, if you are a new user, it’s important to know that it can take your ears and your brain a little time to get used to a new way of hearing. A focus group of hearing aid users in 2014 concluded that “getting
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Learn About the History of Hearing Aids for Audiology Awareness Month

Audiologist explaining how hearing aids work to a patient.

October is Audiology Awareness Month, which makes it a great time to celebrate one of the most important inventions in the history of audiological care: hearing aids. Brief Hearing Aid History The earliest hearing aids appeared in the 17th century  They are funnel-shaped devices often referred to as ear trumpets. While not particularly functional or
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Tips for Trick-or-Treating with Hearing Aids

Kids in costumes trick-or-treating for Halloween.

One look inside any supermarket or store makes it clear that Halloween is right around the corner. If you have kids or grandkids, you’re probably planning to take them trick-or-treating around the neighborhood or at Topeka Zoo’s Boo at the Zoo. Whether you or your child has hearing loss and uses hearing aids, it’s a
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How to Make the Most of Phone Calls When You Use Hearing Aids

Senior woman with a hearing aid behind the ear communicates with her daughter and granddaughter via video communication via a smartphone. Full human life with hearing aids

Talking on the phone is a notoriously difficult listening situation for people with hearing loss. It can even be a challenge for people with normal hearing. This is because sound is distorted over the phone and because visual cues like lipreading, facial expressions and gestures are absent. Below we review how to make the most
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How to Make the Most of the Movie Theater with Hearing Loss

Pop corn in a red and white popcorn container.

If you’ve been recently diagnosed with hearing loss, you may feel as though you can’t enjoy some of the activities you once loved, like going to the movies. This is simply not true; with the right accommodations, you can continue to attend and enjoy the movies just like you always have. We review how below.
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How To Navigate Different Listening Environments With Hearing Aids

Young man with a hearing aid exploring a busy city.

If you have hearing aids, you want to ensure they can help you hear in all listening environments. After all, throughout the day, you are exposed to varying degrees of sound, from enjoying a quiet breakfast at home to dinner with friends at a busy restaurant like Fedeli’s Steak & Pasta. Let’s examine how hearing
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How Often Should You Get a New Audiogram?

Woman receiving a hearing test.

When you get a hearing test, your results are plotted on a graph known as an audiogram. Audiograms are an effective tool for quantifying the degree of hearing loss and the type of hearing loss you have. However, just like how you need to get your eyes rechecked every few years if you wear prescription
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