Symptoms of a Sinus Infection

women massaging nose in pain

During the overlap of cold and allergy season, it can be difficult to know whether you’re experiencing a virus, allergies or a sinus infection. Sinus infections, also called sinusitis, typically take hold as you’re getting over a virus or allergy attack and persist after respiratory symptoms have passed. They’re caused when the nasal cavities become
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What Causes Excessive Burping?

woman with open mouth

Burping is a normal bodily function that allows the release of excess air from the digestive tract. While there is no exact definition of what “excessive” burping means, there are some medical and lifestyle factors that can cause more burping than what is normal for a person. Certain Food & Drinks Can Cause Burping Diet
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What Your Earwax Says About Your Health

Ear of a Woman with dark hair

Earwax plays an important role in the health of your ear. Also called cerumen, it is produced by glands in the skin of the outer ear canal in order to catch and remove debris and bacteria. Earwax naturally works its way out of the ear canal thanks to the anatomy of the ear itself as
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What Is Nonallergic Rhinitis?


Rhinitis refers to inflammation inside the nose that causes swelling, itchiness, blockage, running, sneezing and other cold-like symptoms. When not caused by an allergen, this condition is known as nonallergic rhinitis. While the symptoms of allergic and nonallergic rhinitis are similar, the causes are very different. Types of Nonallergic Rhinitis There are several types of
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What Is a Neuroblastoma?

A neuroblastoma is a rare cancerous tumor that is typically diagnosed in infants and children under the age of five. Other than a brain tumor, it is the most common kind of tumor found in children, and about 800 new cases are diagnosed each year in the U.S. Neuroblastoma can occur nearly anywhere in the
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Is It a Cold or Allergies?

Person blowing nose

During this time of year, on the border between winter and spring, every allergy sufferer is wondering whether their sneezing and sniffles are due to cough or allergies. This is an important distinction to make, as the treatments for each are vastly different. Below is a guide to help you determine whether your symptoms are
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Can Stress Lead to Hearing Loss?

Anxious and stressed woman sitting with hand on head

Stress, at certain levels, isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, response to stress is an important factor in the survival of any species. Stress can tell you when to fight or run away in a dangerous situation, and it give you a boost of adrenaline when you need it most. Unfortunately, many Americans experience
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Preventing Vape Tongue

goat sticking its tongue

As vaping becomes increasingly popular, more and more health professionals are beginning to warn the public about the potential dangers and side-effects of the habit. There are many conditions that have been linked to vaping; one of which is known as “vape tongue.” What Is Vape Tongue? A focus group for teens took place recently
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Protect Your Ears This Super Bowl

Football sitting on the field

When you think of football, what comes to mind? Most likely the answer is crowded sports bars, parties with friends and cheering on your favorite team. While we encourage you to have fun this year during the big game, we also want you to preserve your hearing for many Super Bowls to come. Stadium Noise
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Can Babies Wear Hearing Aids?

Happy baby

The American Academy of Pediatrics estimates that approximately three in every 1,000 babies are born with hearing loss. Fortunately, in 2000 the federal government implemented a program with a goal of having all babies screened for hearing loss within a month of birth, diagnosed by age three months and enrolled in an intervention program by
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