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How to Put Your Hearing Aids In

If you’re one of the millions of people who have decided to treat your hearing loss with hearing aids, congratulations! Taking this step towards prioritizing your hearing health will improve many aspects of your life and make it easier to socialize with others, whether at a family reunion or bowling with friends at The Pennant.

When choosing the type of hearing aid that’s best, you have many factors to consider, including style preference, work and home life, hobbies and the degree of subjective and objective hearing loss you are experiencing.

Regardless of what hearing aid you choose, one of the most basic and important things to learn is how to put them in correctly to ensure you get the most benefit from them.

Let’s look at how to put in a few of the more popular hearing aid styles.

How to Insert Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aids

Man inserting a behind-the-ear hearing aid.
  1. Remove anything that is resting behind your ear, such as glasses

  2. Hold the hearing aid between your thumb and index finger

  3. Use your right hand for your right hearing aid and your left hand for your left hearing aid

  4. Slide the hearing aid over your ear and make sure to tuck it behind your ear

  5. Once that is secure, hold the bend of the tube between your thumb and index with the earpiece pointing toward the opening of your ear canal

  6. Softly push the earpiece into the ear canal until the tube sits comfortably against your head

How to Insert In-the-Ear Hearing Aids

  1. Hold your hearing aid between your thumb and index finger with the battery facing out

  2. Gently place the canal part of your hearing aid into your ear canal

  3. Twist softly until the top part of your hearing aid is nestled comfortably into your outer ear

How to Insert Invisible-In-Canal Hearing Aids

  1. Because IIC models are so tiny, it’s important to identify the top and bottom of your device correctly. Usually, a dot will be at the top of the device and the removal filament at the bottom.

  2. Hold the hearing aid between your index finger and thumb and slowly place it into your ear canal

  3. Use your index finger to move it gently into the canal

  4. Normally the device should slide in easily, so if you feel resistance, apply gentle pressure to help guide it into place

  5. You will know it’s fitted properly when it fits comfortably in your ear

  6. Make sure the removal string is hanging out of your canal

To learn more about how to put in your hearing aid correctly, call the experts at Topeka Ear Nose & Throat today.


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