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How to Fix Common Hearing Aid Problems

The last thing you want is for your hearing aids to stop working while you’re out with friends at Blind Tiger or checking out at the Topeka Natural Food Co Op, but sometimes it happens. Below we review how to fix common hearing aid problems so you don’t have to worry about being left in silence.

Hearing Aids Aren’t Producing Sound

There are many possible reasons the sound on your hearing aids has cut out. If this happens…

  1. Make sure your hearing aid is turned on. Most models turn on once the battery door is closed, so check to make sure yours is. If the battery door won’t close all the way, it may be because the battery is upside-down.

  2. Replace the battery. You can use a hearing aid battery tester to check whether the old one was actually dead before activating the new one.

  3. Turn up the volume to make sure it’s not too low for you to hear.

  4. Examine the hearing aid to see if there is any earwax blocking the microphone port or sound outlet.

Hearing Aid Volume Is Too Quiet

If this is happening, of course the first thing you’ll do is turn up the volume, if this doesn’t help…

  1. Examine the hearing aid to look for earwax blockages. For behind-the-ear (BTE) models, inspect the tubing to make sure there aren’t any cracks, blockages or moisture buildup.

  2. Try a different program or memory setting; your hearing aids might be set for a quiet setting while you’re somewhere loud.

  3. Consider whether this has been an ongoing problem. If it has been, your hearing loss may have worsened; in this case, schedule an appointment for a hearing test.

Hearing Aids Are Producing Feedback/Whistling

If your hearing aids are producing an annoying whistling sound or feedback…

  1. Remove them and try re-inserting them. They may just not be sitting right in your ears.

  2. Turn down the volume. If this works, it likely means there is too much sound leaking through the vent or around the earmold. Visit a hearing professional to have the physical fit checked.

  3. If your hearing aids are whistling and you’ve lost a lot of weight recently, this can also mean the physical fit of your hearing aids needs to be adjusted.

  4. Your ears may be blocked with earwax. If you have ear pain or discharge, visit an audiologist or ENT to have it removed.

If you’ve tried these troubleshooting tips and are still having problems, bring your hearing aids to Topeka ENT. We can help you hear your best again.

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