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Hearing Aids Can Help You Navigate Noisy Environments

Hearing loss often comes on gradually, and the signs can be subtle at first. One of the more common signs is struggling to hear in noisy environments.

Three Reasons You Have a Hard Time Hearing in Noisy Places

While even people with normal hearing can struggle to make out what’s being said in louder places, hearing loss can make it significantly more difficult. This is due to several factors:

  1. High-frequency sounds. In most cases of hearing loss, your ability to hear high-frequency sounds is impacted first. This includes consonant sounds such as s, f, t,h, and others. These can begin to sound muffled when you have difficulty hearing. If you are in a busy place with a lot of background noise like The Celtic Fox, it makes it even harder to decipher what is being said.

  2. Sound direction. Hearing loss makes it harder to locate where sounds are coming from. It can be exhausting for your ears and brain to focus in on what your friend is saying when her voice is competing with other voices, the clatter of glasses and plates and a restaurant or background music.

  3. Cognitive fatigue. Because your brain has to work harder to process speech and other sounds in noisy environments, you can quickly become mentally fatigued. This can make it harder to follow conversations and even interfere with your ability to remember what was said.

Using Hearing Aids Can Make a World of Difference

The good news is that treatment with the right pair of hearing aids can make hearing much easier and let you enjoy socializing with others no matter where you are.

A recent study found that hearing aids with a Dynamic Environment Control System are highly effective for speech perception in noisy environments.

These systems can help suppress background noise, eliminate feedback, and amplify and prioritize speech. Simply, they make it easier to hear the sounds you want to hear while being better able to ignore the sounds you don’t, regardless of your environment.

It can take time to find the right pair of hearing aids as well as the correct settings to maximize your hearing. Your audiologist will work with you to figure out what device best meets your needs and preferences and lets you stay engaged with the world around you.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with one of our experts, contact Topeka ENT today.


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