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Hearing Aid Troubleshooting Tips

Your hearing aids represent a significant investment in both time and money, so when they don’t seem to be working properly, it’s easy to begin to panic. But in many cases, there’s a quick-fix that will get them back in working order in no time, especially if they haven’t been exposed to moisture or dropped onto a hard surface. Below are some common hearing aid problems and how to remedy them.

Your Hearing Aid Won’t Turn On

If your hearing aid won’t turn on and you’ve already checked to make sure the switch/power button is set to “on,” you can try…

  1. Opening the battery door and making sure the battery is right-side-up with the + sign showing. Close the battery door completely and make sure the batteries aren’t dead or expired.

  2. Check the tubing or wiring in your hearing aid (if applicable) for cracks or tears. These parts can be changed in an audiologist’s office if necessary.

  3. Check your hearing aid speaker for wax or debris. If the opening is blocked, the device might seem like it’s turned off or dead. Brush away any debris with your cleaning tool.

Your Hearing Aid Is Whistling

Whistling or feedback is minimized in most modern hearing aids, but sometimes it can still happen. If you hear whistling, try…

  1. Placing the tip of the hearing aid or earmold securely in the ear canal; feedback is common when the device is not in the correct position.

  2. Keeping the sound settings near the default, as turning up the volume too high can cause feedback.

  3. Getting your ears cleaned, as impacted wax can cause the hearing aid to sit incorrectly or sound to become partially blocked.

Sounds Are Dull or Weak

If your hearing aids are new and sounds are dull or weak, it may be because your audiologist programmed them below prescription strength to give your ears time to readjust. If this isn’t the cause, you should…

  1. Check the speaker and remove visible debris with your cleaning tool.

  2. Change the wax filters.

  3. Replace damaged tubing.

Just like you take your car to Shorey Automotive when you can’t figure out what’s wrong, you should bring your hearing aid into the experts at Topeka ENT right away if your hearing aid starts having problems. We can get you back to hearing your best in no time.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call Topeka ENT today!

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