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Best Places To Store Your Hearing Aids

Hearing loss becomes a common problem as we age. In 2019, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that 7.1% of adults aged 45 and older used a hearing aid.

If you are a hearing aid user, one of the most important things you need to know is how to store your device properly. Not only will this help keep your hearing aid safe, but it can extend both battery life and overall lifespan, providing you with a high-quality listening experience for the longest amount of time.

Let’s look at a few of the best places to store your hearing aids, as well as a few places to avoid.

Places to Store Your Hearing Aid Safely

Close up of a bedside table and a bed.
  1. Nightstand. This is a classic, no-frills option for storage, and for good reason. It’s by your bed, so it is accessible and convenient to both take out and put in your hearing aids each day. Just make sure you don’t keep a water glass nearby or anything else that could get your hearing aids wet and cause damage.

  2. Sock drawer. Another common storage place, sock drawers are effective because they keep your hearing aids away from direct sunlight and your socks keep the environment fairly dry. It’s also convenient as you have to go to your drawer to get dressed in the morning as well.

  3. Drying box or dehumidifier: These are more of an investment, but both hearing aid drying boxes and dehumidifiers can rid your device of moisture during the night. Some drying boxes even use UV rays to sanitize your device as well, reducing bacteria buildup which could damage your hearing aids and be bad for your ears. They are also great to have around in case your hearing aids accidentally get wet because you forgot to take them out before showering or got caught in a downpour while walking at the Kansas Historical Society Nature Trail.

What To Avoid When Storing Your Hearing Aids

The most important factor when it comes to storing your hearing aids is that you want to make sure it’s an environment that is cool and dry.

Therefore, never store your hearing aids in the following locations:

  1. The bathroom. Though it might seem convenient to keep your hearing aids in the same place you keep your toothbrush and other things you use every day, the moisture, especially right after showering can damage both your hearing aid and its battery.

  2. Refrigerator or freezer. Despite what you’ve heard about the cold preserving battery life, the moisture from both of these locations would cause far more damage than any minor extension of battery life you might get.

  3. In direct sunlight. Sunlight can damage any heat-sensitive parts on your device. Make sure if your hearing aids are out during the day, they are far away from any areas of sunlight or heat in the house.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact the experts at Topeka Ear Nose & Throat today.


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