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3 Benefits of Bringing a Loved One with You to Your Hearing Appointment

If you’ve decided to get a hearing test you deserve a huge congratulations for taking the first step in prioritizing your hearing health! This can be a big and sometimes overwhelming moment. Because of that, bringing a partner or family member to your appointment can be beneficial in a number of different ways.

Hearing Loss Affects Loved Ones, Too

You may not realize the degree your hearing loss has affected those around you. A 2009 survey asked people with hearing loss how it had affected their relationships:

  1. 44% said that their relationships with loved ones had suffered because of their hearing struggles

  2. 69% said their hearing loss interferes with their ability to participate in conversations

  3. 34% noted that they had lost touch with a friend or had their marriage end as a result of communication issues

Many loved ones, especially spouses or partners, end up spending years compensating for their partner’s hearing loss. This may include doing things like keeping you in the loop during conversations with friends while out at Glazed Goose.

They may also be dealing with feelings of frustration over frequent miscommunication between the two of you as your hearing struggles have gotten worse.

Their insights may be helpful for you to hear and also for your audiologist to consider when figuring out how to customize your hearing aids to best meet your communication needs.

Help Figure Out What Hearing Aid is Best for You

Depending on the severity of your hearing loss, your audiologist may prescribe hearing aids as treatment. In this case, it will be beneficial to have another person to help decide what make and model best fit your needs and lifestyle.

They can also help you remember all of the important information to consider when bringing home your hearing aids, such as:

  1. What to expect when first wearing your device

  2. How to change settings depending on your environment

  3. What the best way to clean and store your device is

  4. When you should change out batteries

  5. When you should book your follow-up appointment with your audiologist

Emotional Support During Your Hearing Loss Journey

It can be an adjustment when you first get hearing aids. Your ears and brain have to learn a new way of processing sound. At first, the sounds you experience may seem overly loud or high-pitched. You might experience discomfort and frustration as you learn what settings are right for you.

Your audiologist will explain the process to you during your evaluation and fitting appointments. However, having another person there can help you better remember and manage your expectations about your new device, as well as navigate any potential challenges you may encounter.

If you have additional questions or wish to schedule an appointment with a hearing expert, call Topeka ENT today.


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