Videostroboscopy is a procedure in which your Speech-Language Pathologist uses a stroboscopic light source to illuminate the vocal folds, allowing him or her to observe them in action to check for abnormal motion or function. The procedure is used to help diagnose voice and swallowing disorders, and it can help pinpoint polyps or lesions.

With videostroboscopy, an endoscope is outfitted with a fiber-optic strobe light and a video camera, and you are asked to voice. A flashing light is synchronized with the vibrations generated by the vocal cords, providing visualization of the vocal folds in motion. This allows vibration patterns to be analyzed for an accurate diagnosis of the voicing problem

If you are experiencing the following symptoms, you may be a candidate for videostroboscopy:

  • Hoarseness, breathiness or any other change in voice.
  • Vocal fatigue.
  • Soreness, tightness or a burning sensation in the throat.
  • The feeling of having something stuck in the throat.
  • Frequent cough or throat clearing.
  • Acid reflux.

Videostroboscopy is a safe and effective outpatient procedure that causes no pain or discomfort other than the possibility of a little numbness in the nose, mouth and throat for a short period afterward as the topical anesthetic wears off. You can resume normal activities as soon as you are ready. The examination itself only takes a few minutes on average, and it offers immediate results.

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