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How to Help Your Child Keep Their Hearing Aids On

When your child first gets hearing aids it may be quite a struggle to get them to keep them on. However, studies have shown that consistent hearing aid use has many benefits for children, including improved vocabulary and grammar skills.

Let’s examine some helpful tips to get your child more comfortable with wearing their device so they can experience the range of benefits hearing aids have to offer.

Make Sure Hearing Aids Are Comfortable

If hearing aids are uncomfortable, your child won’t want to wear them. You can do things like holding the earmolds in your hands for a few minutes to warm them up before putting them on. If you notice your child is taking out their hearing aids after loud noises or because their ear hurts, check the settings on their device. You may need to adjust them or contact their audiologist for a professional adjustment.

Start Slowly

It’s OK if, in the beginning, your child can only wear their hearing aids for five minutes at a time during several intervals throughout the day. Start there and gradually build up the amount of time they wear them. It may be helpful to use a timer or to offer a reward after they finish a session.

 Make Hearing Aids Part of a Daily Routine

Making hearing aids a normal part of their daily routine will help your child become more acclimated to their device. Put them on after they brush their teeth and get dressed in the morning and take them out before they go to bed after they put on pajamas or finish a bedtime story.

 Show Them the Benefits of Hearing Better

Listening to music or playing with toys that make fun noises can help children understand that their hearing aids are helpful. The more they associate wearing hearing aids with enjoyable activities, the more likely they will be to wear them consistently.

 Personalize Your Child’s Hearing Aids

Children’s hearing aids can come in a variety of vibrant colors and fun prints. You can also buy stickers that your child can use to decorate their device. Adding these personal touches can make a child more excited about their hearing aids and may even make them want to show their friends the next time they’re together at Kansas Children’s Discovery Center.

 Spend Time Around Other Children with Hearing Devices

Being around other children who have hearing loss and wear hearing aids or cochlear implants can help your child see they are not the only ones. If you don’t know anyone in real life, characters in books, TV shows and movies can also make them feel less alone about their condition.

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