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Here’s How Hearing Aids Can Improve Your Love Life

According to a study entitled “The effects on significant others of providing a hearing aid to the hearing-impaired partner,” “Before the provision of a hearing aid significant others experienced difficulties with person-to-person conversation, with group conversation and in viewing (listening to) television of the same order as did the hearing impaired individual. After appropriate intervention the difficulties were greatly reduced with resultant improvement in quality of life for both parties.”

In this post, we review the ways hearing aids can improve your love life in more depth.

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Improved Communication

Any couple’s counselor will tell you the key to a healthy relationship is good communication. When you can’t hear well, you might miss that your partner is talking to you, or even if you hear their voice, you might misunderstand them. This can lead to constant miscommunication.

Hearing aids work by amplifying your partner’s voice to a level you can easily hear, and some even offer speech clarity features to further boost your understanding.

More Energy

Hearing loss can lead to a phenomenon audiologists refer to as listening fatigue. This occurs when the strain of listening causes you to feel tired, worn out, have brain fog and just feel a general sense of fatigue.

Hearing aids can combat listening fatigue since you won’t need to strain to decode sounds anymore. This leaves you with more energy to enjoy activities with your partner like, The Wheel Barrel on North Kansas Avenue.

Less Responsibility on Your Partner

Whether you’ve noticed it or not, if you’ve taken a while to treat your hearing loss, your partner has probably picked up extra responsibilities, like acting as your translator and making calls and scheduling appointments for you. It’s an unfortunate truth that, over time, this can lead to resentment.

Treating your hearing loss will empower you to be able to communicate better on your own and take back some responsibilities your partner has been taking care of.

For more information about the effects of untreated hearing loss or to schedule an appointment with a hearing expert, call Topeka Ear Nose & Throat today.


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