What Is Tonsillitis?

Child with doctor. Boy in the office of a pediatrician, medical examination pharynx and tonsilsChild with doctor. Boy in the office of a pediatrician, medical examination pharynx and tonsils

While many associate tonsillitis with a tonsillectomy, this connection is not as strong as it once was. Tonsillitis is an umbrella term for inflammation of the tonsils caused by bacterial infection or a virus. “Strep throat is a common cause of tonsillitis, but it’s not the only cause,” said Kara Meister, a head and neck
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What Causes Excessive Burping?

woman with open mouth

Burping is a normal bodily function that allows the release of excess air from the digestive tract. While there is no exact definition of what “excessive” burping means, there are some medical and lifestyle factors that can cause more burping than what is normal for a person. Certain Food & Drinks Can Cause Burping Diet
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What Is a Neuroblastoma?

A neuroblastoma is a rare cancerous tumor that is typically diagnosed in infants and children under the age of five. Other than a brain tumor, it is the most common kind of tumor found in children, and about 800 new cases are diagnosed each year in the U.S. Neuroblastoma can occur nearly anywhere in the
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Preventing Vape Tongue

goat sticking its tongue

As vaping becomes increasingly popular, more and more health professionals are beginning to warn the public about the potential dangers and side-effects of the habit. There are many conditions that have been linked to vaping; one of which is known as “vape tongue.” What Is Vape Tongue? A focus group for teens took place recently
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Will a Saltwater Gargle Help Soothe Your Sore Throat?

salt shaker

Now that it’s officially fall, cold and flu season is upon us. It’s too bad pumpkin spice isn’t an effective prevention, because you can hardly walk ten paces without bumping into something edible and pumpkin-flavored. Unfortunately, people in Topeka are going to get sick, and one of those primary symptoms is likely to be a
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Natural Heartburn Remedies

If you associate heartburn with a romantic comedy starring Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson, consider yourself lucky. 60 million people across the U.S. suffer from acid reflux, causing them misery after mealtimes. If you’re one of the many individuals in Topeka who experiences this type of heartburn, there are natural remedies you can try that
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10 Natural Sore Throat Remedies

woman touching her sore throat

Summer is winding down, which means one thing: Christmas displays are already going up in Kansas stores. It also means school is about to start up again, and many Topeka kids will be bringing home more than just homework. Colds are commonplace in the fall and winter months, and one of the key symptoms is
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