Bone Anchored Hearing Aids

Older male adult with a bone anchored hearing aid

While traditional hearing aids are the gold-standard treatment for people with mild to severe hearing loss, not everyone experiences successful outcomes with them. One alternative option for people who don’t benefit from hearing aids is a bone-anchored hearing aid (BAHA). Below is an overview of what a bone-anchored hearing aid is, how it works, who
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Talking to Loved Ones About Hearing Loss

Deaf friends enjoying their time together with a cup of coffee, talking in sign language.

No matter what, talking to your loved one about their hearing loss will be a hard conversation. Telling someone you love that their condition has gone untreated for too long can be awkward or uncomfortable. But if you care about them, it needs to be done. Your audiologist at Topeka ENT has put together a
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Can Babies Wear Hearing Aids?

Happy baby

The American Academy of Pediatrics estimates that approximately three in every 1,000 babies are born with hearing loss. Fortunately, in 2000 the federal government implemented a program with a goal of having all babies screened for hearing loss within a month of birth, diagnosed by age three months and enrolled in an intervention program by
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