Managing Indoor Allergies


Even if you’re taking refuge in the safety of your home, unfortunately, you may not be safe from allergens. “Even though you may be inside for a long period of time, once you’ve been outside – we do go out at some point – the allergic cascade continues long after the exposure has stopped,” explained Dr.
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Teal Pumpkin Project Helps Kids with Food Allergies Scare Up a Good Time

teal pumpkin project

Halloween is a favorite holiday for kids in Lawrence (and, let’s face it, many adults, too!), but not everybody can enjoy trick-or-treating. Food allergies prevent children in Kansas from enjoying all those Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Snickers bars. If you’d like to ensure your neighborhood witches and superheroes are included, consider placing a teal
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Kansas Allergies are Prevalent in Fall, Too

older couple playing in fall leaves

If you think once summer is over you don’t have to worry about allergies, guess again. Ragweed and other autumn-blooming weeds release pollen into the air up until the first frost of the season, which means you might have to tuck a decongestant into your pocket when standing in line for your pumpkin spice latte.
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