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Voice & Swallowing Disorders

ThroatAs specialists in conditions of the head and neck, addressing and treating voice and swallowing disorders are an important part of our care at Topeka ENT.

Swallowing Issues

Difficulty swallowing (the medical term is dysphagia), can be the result of a variety of underlying causes, from abnormal function of the esophagus to throat cancer. Choking is an obvious side effect of swallowing problems, but aspiration of food or liquid into your lungs can also occur and create serious health issues.

During your visit to Topeka ENT, we will conduct a physical exam and take a thorough medical history. Swallowing tests and various types of imaging may be ordered to assist in your diagnosis. Your treatments may involve medication, therapy or surgery depending on the cause of your condition.

Voice Issues

While you may be quick to notice difficulty swallowing, you might brush off a raspy voice as an effect of the weather or simply talking too much. But if you notice a lingering hoarseness, roughness, or a raspy quality to your voice (lasting more than three weeks), or an odd change in pitch, voice loss, constant throat clearing, or even pain, it’s time to give us a call.

If your hoarseness is accompanied by a chronic cough, coughing up blood or breathing difficulty, or if you have also have trouble swallowing, please call us immediately.

A final note…typically, laryngitis lasts only 1-2 weeks, and only causes significant voice problems for less than a week. Hoarseness that continues beyond that period may indicate other problems with the vocal cords.