Welcome to Topeka Ear, Nose & Throat

Head & Neck, Thyroid, Parathyroid Surgery

ThyroidThe professional term for ear, nose and throat doctors is Otolaryngologist/Head & Neck Surgeon. We treat and operate on all structures and soft tissues of the head and neck--essentially everything north of your shoulders.

Among the most common surgeries performed by Topeka ENT are those involving removal of malignant and benign tumors in the:

  • Head and neck region (tongue, larynx and vocal cords, thyroid and parathyroid glands, salivary glands)
  • Ears and eyes
  • Brain or base of the skull (these surgeries are performed in conjunction with neurosurgeons)

Topeka ENT physicians also have in-depth training in facial and neck plastic and reconstructive surgery, so our focus is on improving function as well as addressing cosmetic needs, which is especially important in reconstruction of facial bones from trauma or from cancer surgeries, and surgeries to repair sinuses to treat conditions like sleep apnea

Did you know we operate a private outpatient surgery center in our Topeka office building?

Many of the surgical procedures performed by Topeka ENT surgeons are executed in the ExcellENT Surgery Center, located on the first floor of our Topeka location. This center is expressly for our Topeka ENT patients. Procedures requiring hospitalization and/or a higher level of post-operative care will be performed in a hospital determined by you.


The ENT physicians work with both Stormont-Vail Hospital, directly across the street, as well as St. Francis Hospital. In Emporia, surgeries are performed at Newman Memorial Hospital, and our 10 satellite offices are located inside area hospitals – all to create a seamless surgical and recovery experience for you.