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Dizziness & Balance Disorders


If you are experiencing unexplained episodes of dizziness or imbalance, please see us as soon as possible for testing and evaluation.

Depending on your symptoms and health status, we may request a hearing test through our Audiology Center, blood tests, an electronystagmogram (which measures eye movements and the muscles that control them), and/or imaging studies of your head and brain, such as a CAT scan or MRI.

We may also request a posturography. For this test, you stand on a special movable platform in front of a patterned screen. The doctor measures how your body moves in response to movement of the platform, the patterned screen, or both.

Help Us Help You...consider these questions prior to your visit:

At Topeka ENT, we view listening as one of our most important skills. You can assist us in making the most informed diagnosis and treatment plan for your dizziness issues by answering some key questions prior to your appointment, and being prepared to discuss this information. PLease write down the following information and bring it with you to your appointment:

BalanceTesting2The best way I can describe my dizziness or balance problem is:

  • How often do you feel dizzy or have trouble keeping your balance?
  • Have you ever fallen?
  • Approximately when was the date or month of your fall?
  • Where did the fall occur and what were the circumstances?
  • How often have you fallen?
  • List the medications (prescription and over-the-counter) and provide the following information for EACH: (Name, dosage, prescribed for what condition).

Be sure to bring this information with you to your appointment. We also encourage you to bring pencil and paper to take notes. You are welcome to have a family member or friend present during your appointment--just let the front desk know when you schedule your visit.