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Welcome to the Audiology Center at Topeka ENT

AudiologyOur philosophy is simple...we never forget that behind every hearing aid is a human being.

The Audiology Center at Topeka ENT specializes in comprehensive care for your precious hearing. We can evaluate and treat a variety of hearing and balance disorders, and provide expert fittings for hearing aids.

Topeka ENT Audiologists are degreed experts who have completed a minimum of a Masters Degree and more commonly have completed an Au.D., Doctor of Audiology Degree. Meet our Audiology Center staff.

Our Audiologists regularly travel between our locations in Topeka and Emporia, and to our 10 satellite locations throughout eastern Kansas to treat audiology patients and to fit hearing aids. Please call the specific location to find out hours and days. Our Locations

Why do people visit an audiologist?

Patients come to us for many reasons, and in many ways:

  • Through primary care physicians – they may refer their patients to us if hearing loss or dizziness is the chief complaint.
  • Through ENT doctors – they may refer a patient to us for hearing testing or to be fitted with a hearing aid.
  • Through personal choice – many patients come to us directly when they need hearing tests or want to be fitted with a hearing aid because they appreciate the compassionate expertise we provide.

Why choose a Topeka ENT Audiologist?Audiology2

As Audiologists, we are:

  • Specially trained in the prevention, identification, assessment and non-medical treatment of hearing disorders
  • Have passed demanding national competency examination and required full-time internship
  • Certified and licensed by the Kansas State Board of Examiners
  • Required by Kansas and Audiology governing organizations to maintain annual continuing education as long as we practice
  • The most qualified professionals to perform hearing tests and provide hearing rehabilitative services because of our special education and licensure

Why should the Audiology Center fit my hearing aid?

When hearing loss keeps you from enjoying your life to the fullest, the Audiology Center at Topeka ENT is here to help.

According to a recent Consumer Reports study, 66% of digital hearing aids are not fitted correctly to the wearer. Relying on a basic fitting offered at some hearing centers may not result in the optimal hearing experience for you.

To insure the best results, trust your ears to the Audiology Center at Topeka ENT. We’re dedicated to addressing your hearing loss using state-of-the-art technology and the latest hearing care services. If a hearing aid is advised, we can offer you a wide selection of styles to match your needs and budget.

Above all, our most important goal is make sure you never again miss the sounds you cherish most in your life.



If you feel dizzy or off balance...

Some hearing issues may require medical intervention in addition to (or instead of) hearing aids. Please let us know if you are experiencing any dizziness or balance issues and we will arrange to have you examined by one of our Topeka ENT physicians.

If you have sudden, unexplained ear symptoms...

Be aware that ear pain, drainage, excess earwax, hearing loss in only one ear, sudden or rapidly progressive hearing loss can be signs of serious medical conditions that can compromise your hearing. 

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, we highly recommend you see one of our ENT physicians as soon as possible for proper diagnosis and treatment. Read more about dizziness and balance disorders.